Deborah Silvis


Artist Statement

This eclectic sampling of my photographic work includes a solar etching, a traditional black & white infrared and digital color images.

My work has been exhibited throughout Arizona since the early 80’s and publications include Native Peoples Magazine. In addition to various regions of the Southwest, I have documented indigenous cultures throughout Central America, Indonesia, Peru, China, Turkey and S. Africa. These images are contained in my series: Sacred Sites and Ceremonies and Indigenous Portraits.

A solo exhibition, One World Interwoven, was presented at the Chandler Center for the Arts through Vision Gallery in 2003. Within recent years, my photographs have appeared in Art Intersection and Herberger Theater juried exhibitions.

A most exciting and fulfilling high point in my photographic career occurred during 2016, when my images were selected and shown at the International Biennial Photography Exhibition of Fine Art and Documentary Photography in Berlin, Germany last October. Participating artists were published in a book entitled, Emotions and Commotions Across Cultures.


Arriving to Arizona and capturing the Southwest on celluloid began as a pursuit for Deborah Silvis in 1977. As a photographer, she is considered a traditionalist or a “purist” at heart, although she has always enjoyed experimenting with alternative processes.

Deborah’s photographic work has been described as photojournalistic, historic, candid, spiritual and comical at times. Her images reflect the culture and the history of a region, projecting a theme of global significance and beauty that conveys a blend of harmonious celebration and tradition.

With a combined educational background in Sociology, Anthropology, International Relations and Art Therapy, she attempts to capture the changing worlds of people & places throughout a window in time. Deborah continues to use the traditional darkroom lab for printing black & white images. They are then toned or hand colored to preserve an archival quality. Solar etchings became a new medium for exploration in 2013 along with a transition to digital photography.

Future projects include publication of photographic books from her journeys.

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