PhotoTapas Registration

Welcome to the PhotoTapas registration page.

The links below connect you to register as a PhotoTapas Event Host and to register each of your PhotoTapas Events.  All PhotoTapas events must occur in February 2016 and in Arizona.

  • The Host can be a Sponsor or Participant and register as either an Individual or an Organization.
  • As a Participant, your $100 fee includes your first Event and there is a $75 fee for each additional Event up to a total of five Events.
  • As a Sponsor, your $750 fee includes all of your Event fees up to seven Events.

The first step is to fill out the Host registration form as a Participant or Sponsor. Click Here for Host Registration

The next step is to register your PhotoTapas Event. Click Here to Register an Event

Return to this page to register more events.

Payment for Host and Event Fees